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Prof. S.S.Narta (Director )
Faculties and Departments
Faculty of Commerce & Management studies
1. Professor Bal Krishan
2. Professor Suresh Kumar
3. Professor Maneet Mahajan
4. Professor Des Raj Gupta
5. Dr. Jai Singh Parmar
6. Dr. O.P Verma
7. Dr. Kulbhushan Chandel
8. Dr. Devinder Sharma
Department of Mathematics
1. Professor J.R Gupta (Retd.)
2. Professor R.G. Shandil
3. Professor R.P. Sharma
4. Professor J.S Dhiman
Department of Economics
1. Professor D.S. Thakur Professor Emeritus
2. Professor Meenakshi Sooden
3. Professor K. C Sharma
Department of Computer Sciences
1. Professor Manu Sood
2. Professor Amarjeet Singh
3. Professor Kishori Lal Bansal
4. Dr. Aman Sharma
5. Dr. Anita Ganpati
6. Dr. Jawahar Thakur
Department of Law
1. Professor N.K.Gupta
2. Dr. Raghuvinder Singh
Special Guest Faculty
1. Prof.J.P.Sharma, Head & Dean, Dept. of Commerce & Financial Studies, Delhi School of Economics,University of Delhi, Delhi.
2. Prof. R.D. Sharma, Dean Academic Affairs, University of Jammu, Jammu.
3. Prof. Ravinder Vinayak, Dean Academic Affairs, MD University, Rohtak.
4. Prof. Ashok Aima, Head Dept.of Management Studies Central University, Jammu.
5. Prof. Narinder Kumar,Director, Distance Education, M.D.University Rothak.
6. Prof. Sandeep Kulsheshtra,Head Academics,IITTM, Gawalior
7. Prof. Manjeet Singh, School of Management Studies, Punjabi University Patiala.
8. Prof. M.C Garg, Deptt. Of Management Studies, GJU, Hisar.
9. Prof. Meenakshi Gandhi,Bharati Vidyapeath,University, Institute of Management & Research, New Delhi.
Other Guest Faculty Drawn From Outside
  1. Visiting Professors from various Universities.
2. Himachal Pradesh Financial Corporation
3. Department of Industries.
4. Professionals from various Public and Private Sector undertakings.

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